All classes are inspired by our founder Kathlyn's personal experience and floristry journey. 

Every class is designed to empower you, guiding you through all the elements from flower care to bigger floral installations in a nurturing environment. 

You will have an array of new skills and techniques to either pursue floral design as a career or utilise your new skillset on your own, creative and personal manner.

The courses are mainly centred around hands on floral skills, and building foundations in modern design. This is suitable for complete beginners, or those who want to adapt their style to a more modern and sculptural look and aesthetic.



If you are looking for a relaxing environment with a group of friends, colleagues or club members then we can provide the perfect event for you. Our studio is a perfect place to unwind, it is a beautifully converted studio in our garden, set up into one bespoke workshop space that can take up to 10 people each. 

We can tailor the event to suit you, we allow 1,5-3 hours and it can be a morning, afternoon or evening, or if you want to make it a full day making two designs, then we can cost this for you too.

 For more information and to check on available dates, please email us.

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